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”“Okay.”“Yeah. What should I do? Claire said you give really good advice.”“That was nice of her to say. I think you should talk to your parents. I know they might not like what you have to say but you have to start that conversation. I was in the same boat as you when I was your age. I didn’t want to be in school, but I went because of my parents and I was miserable.”“Really?”“Yep. You have to take control of YOUR life. You’re young so you have time, but you have to do what you love. And you don’t have to do something you don’t want to. Does that make sense?”“I think so. Thank you. I really mean that.”“You’re welcome, Alex. Anytime.”For some reason, Alex moved a little closer. Once again, didn’t love, but didn’t hate it. “You’re really nice, Mr. Kane.”We were inches apart now. I could smell the conditioner she uses for those luxurious curls of hers. Also caught a glimpse of her push-up bra. She definitely didn’t need one of those, but the black lace set she was wearing was a nice. "Oh God, yes. Who knew… the nub… had it… in him?" Sam fired back breathlessly."And now… the nub's got it… in you." Freddie teased slyly, continuing to pleasure Sam as best as he could.Freddie was having a hard time staying in control of his pending orgasm. He'd never gotten this much satisfaction from jerking off alone in his bedroom. And now he had Carly and Sam all around him, carrying him on waves of pure bliss till he thought he might explode. He had to make this last for as long as possible."Carly, are you close?" Freddie gasped out, trying not to go over the edge too soon."Almost. Let's switch so that Sam can finish too." Carly suggested graciously.Then she moved off of Freddie's erection and gestured to Freddie to stand up. Then Carly lay down on the wooden floor, so that Sam was now in front of her and Freddie behind her. Then Carly pulled Sam towards her so that she was hovering between her legs. With Sam practically positioned on her hands and knees, Freddie was beginning to.


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