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I am petite, fair completed with reddish blonde hair. My breasts are small but very sensitive. I've been very shy my whole life. I haven’t had many boyfriends even though I’m 18 years old. I do get a lot of attention and boys are attracted to me. I just can’t seem to be comfortable around boys. My step-father has always been good to my mom and me. They've been married for over three years and we have a good relationship. The trouble is that I have had a secret crush on him. What’s there not to like? He is tall, dark and handsome. Minutes it seemed had passed when I had finally talked myself into sneaking another peek at him. I looked up and scanned his body. I started from his lightly hairy chest and moved down. My face felt flush and my body tingling. My heart was about to pound out of my chest when I got the shock of a life. His penis was peaking out of his boxers! I was so shocked that I couldn't even look away. I froze there. This was the first penis I had ever seen! My body. I quickly nip on his full bottom lip and then kiss it softly to say sorry, he groans deep in his throat as his hands leave the sides of my face and smooth down my shoulders and arms. They are large hands, smooth, and strong as he slides them onto my waist, then slides them up my ribcage to the undersides of my breasts. As he cups my large breasts in each hand he pulls back from our kiss to look down at them, he lifts them both up, and reaches down with his beautiful mouth to suck gently on each nipple. I roll my nipples between my fingers to simulate how that would feel and moan out loud at the sensation. I reached up and put my hands in his hair, holding his head to my breasts, urging him to suck harder. He sucks harder and I feel my pussy drench itself with my juices. My hips grind against him as my desire for more reaches a frenzied pitch. I let my imagination run wild, as I am slowly unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his toned chest and stomach to my view, I leisurely run my hands.


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