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He put in two bottles of champagne, three of white wine and one of rum. He added two six-packs of diet coke, half a dozen bottles of water, and some of Stephanie's favorite cheeses and dips. He put the crackers and chips in the compartment next to the bar as well as some napkins, plates and plastic glasses.The drive to Madame Rousseau's was uneventful and he arrived about five minutes early. It was a good thing too. Another limousine was pulling away from the curb in front of the salon just as he arrived. Things were looking good.Speaking of looking good, Darren thought to himself as he opened the door to the salon. Stephanie, Christy and Cassie were sitting on one of the couches chatting. All he could think was wow. Stephanie wore a green dress that left little to the imagination. It showed just how much she has been working on her figure. He watched her for a moment, enjoying the animated and happy look on her face as she chatted with her friends. Her hair was styled differently. It became very clear to me that Ronnie lived a very lonely life. He joked that all he was to his family was their personal piggy bank.On one of the following evening when we had drinks upstairs, Ronnie told me that he and his wife slept in separate rooms and that they no longer had sex. In fact, they had not done so for years. He further informed me that he had considered having an extramarital affair, but decided against it because he did not want to compromise the business he had worked so had to build, in any way or form.That night before we left for home, Ronnie dropped the bombshell. He told me that when he was a senior in high school, he had shared a dormitory with his best friend. During that year, as he informed me, they had enjoyed a very intimate relationship. He did not elaborate on that, but as we were leaving he placed his hand on my shoulder, and then gave it a squeeze, before running his fingers up and down my back in a very sensual manner.As I drove home that night, I.


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