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Neither she nor Wolfgang had known until very close to the end of his life, but Mozart had known, she was sure."Has Kurt left already?" the old man asked."Yes," Eva replied, walking to the liquor cabinet and opening it. "I saw him off a few moments ago. Would you like a brandy?" That would be nice," Mozart agreed. "We can sit by the fire." That man in Prague," Eva said slowly, pouring two glasses while Mozart rose from his desk. "Did you know he was Russian cipher clerk? From the embassy?" Yes," Mozart answered. "Of course. Why?" I'm just curious." Eva looked over her shoulder. "What was it that he did to deserve..." He was working against Germany," Mozart replied slowly, narrowing his eyes. "You've never been curious before." Usually the reasons are obvious," Eva said with a shrug, turning with two snifters of brandy in her hands. "I'm growing weary, I think." Ah." Mozart nodded, sitting in his customary chair, near the fire as he watched her. "You've been working hard, Eva. Too. What are you talking about, anyway?”“I’m a guy. I like to look at naked babes, and you’re one. Isn’t that right, Andy?”Andy pulled his sister closer and smooched her cheek. “You bet. Naked, wet, bathing suit, fully dressed, she’s a babe. My babe.”“Get me two cookie sheets, please, Kyle?” Sally asked. Kyle pulled the sheets out of a cabinet and they began dropping cookies on them.Rob spoke up. “Did you see the way Mom looked when they went out, Sal? She really looked sexy.”“Rob!” Sally protested. “She’s your Mom!”“Yeah, and she’s a sexy Mom, isn’t she?”Sally grinned. “Yeah, she is. She sure looked sexy tonight. I love that dress.”“Which one was it?” Kyle asked.“It’s a sweater dress and I haven’t seen it before, must be new. Buttons way down the front. It didn’t look like she had a bra on, either.”“I could see her belly button,” Rob added.“Oh, yeah. I’ve seen one like that. I wish you’d borrow it and wear it sometime when we go out,” Kyle said.“What? So you could undo me in the movie.


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