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She was facing sideways and I was able to see her from side. Suddenly, Pooja turned around to pick up her clothes and she saw my image in the glass. I got back and I left the room. She knew someone was watching her. In hurry I left my shoes in the room which I took out so that she cannot hear my footsteps.I knew that she would now know that it was me watching her change in the room. She changed and came out. I was nervous that she would tell my family about it and I would be embarrassed in front of them. She came out and behaved normally. I watched her every now and then but she gave neither signs nor she talk to anyone about it. I got a bit relief. I was not able to confront her with the fear.She came to me and talked to me normally after that but I can see her behavior towards me changed as I can see smile on her face every time she was looking at me. I was thinking may be she didn’t know it was me, she didn’t get to see my shoes but I was in doubt. At night I was thinking of her. " I smiled. "As an example, James and Deanna love each other, but they invited you into their loving circle." For sex, not love," Grace said."I wonder," I replied and looked at James.He said nothing.I looked at Grace. "Tell him."She shook her head, her fear-filled eyes darting from me to James and back to me.James's eyes widened, which made me laugh."Love just happens, James. It's beyond our ability to control, at least that's what happened to me. The night before Mary and Deanna left for Phoenix, I was lying wide-awake in bed with Mary asleep next to me. My mind was going a mile a minute when I suddenly realized that I loved Mary. The emotion washed over me like a morning mist." You love Mary!" Grace said, her voice sounding shocked but happy."Yes. I haven't told her yet, so mums the word." Of course! You should be the one to tell her," Grace said. "Oh, I'm so happy for you." She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth, backing away when the embrace threatened to.


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