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It became clear early on that I was actually learning from what I was reading, and not just memorizing script out of a magazine. My uncle Jake started out having me describe how to do different repair jobs, and then gradually moved up to having me attempt them on my own. He, of course, was always right by my side to supervise; and although not being anywhere near as strong as my uncle was a hindrance, I seemed to perform remarkable well given my small size and of course my age.As time went on my uncle would allow me to do some things which did not require certification on my own. If I needed any help, all I would have to do is ask one of his employees for assistance. Usually this was only done when I wasn't strong enough to twist something loose, or tighten it back up again properly. At first my uncle's workers seemed annoyed by my presence, but it wasn't too long before they became amazed by my abilities and welcomed me into their fold. Although they did have to tone down their use. Sheskipped the landing of the stairs on the first floor, and went down tothe basement where I discovered Joe had a mini version of his studiothere."Go ahead and leave us alone Megan, call us up for dinner and we'll takea short break, but we'll be down here until her bedtime tonight." Yes Daddy," she said and set me down beside his towering frame.He had changed into a gi and looked to be in a full martial arts masterteacher mode. I bowed politely as she left and took a comfortable readystance. When the door closed he walked over to a bag and said, "I calleda friend yesterday afternoon after I left you all and asked for a rushon an order." He pulled out a pair of shoes that looked identical tomine. He sat down on the floor and showed them to me."They look just like mine, I have a feeling there's somethingconcealed?" Don't ever let anyone find this, but there is a blade in each of theseshoes," he showed me how to pull two thin bladed weapons from the heelof the shoe quickly. There was a.


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