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You were given 100 monme for it, not bad but probably not enough to save you from your current financial crisis. When you were in the shop you couldn’t help but notice it was full of antiques, perhaps pretty standard for any pawn shop but this shop seemed special. For one, everything was a complete mess. Chests full of relics piled upon shelves full of other items. As you stood in the pawn shop holding your money in your hand you decided to look around a little. Not to buy anything of course, that would be a terrible financial decision, but that kind of behaviour was not uncharacteristic of you, considering how you ended up in this mess. In the corner of the shop, after moving a pile of books off of a box you see something peculiar. It’s a very old coin, you’re not even sure from what era or if it was ever legal tender. It’s wrapped around a piece of old string. You decide to pick it up and examine it. You hold it in its hand and feel its weight and texture, it’s quite light and. I mean, do you put it on a credit card and then pay the minimum each month?" Jan took a sip of her daiquiri and was visibly upset with my question. Changing the subject she said, "Have you been to Bloomingdale's recently? They're having a great sale on shoes!" It's a girl's way of avoidance... change the subject when we don't want to give an answer. So, I dropped the subject and became even more curious. After all, Jan and I have been close friends since college and usually don't keep secrets from each other. Clearly, that was not the case this time. Jan was hiding something from me and I had to find out what it was. As the evening wore on, more and more guys filtered into the bar and a few stopped by to say hello and to buy us drinks. That was the usual routine for us. After all, both of us are attractive and guys like to be around us, and we like to be around them. The truth is, between the two of us, we probably fucked the entire basketball team in college. Jan has a beautiful.


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