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So, focus on making a good damn story first.’ And as much as I try to ignore it, it’s basically guided my hand into writing out this admittedly ad-libbed introduction in order to get some general housekeeping out of the way. If you wanna skip this and go right into the story, be my guest, but I believe that expanding the bigger picture around the story will make the reading experience a little more enjoyable and even if you skip this, I heavily recommend you at least read the roadmap so that you aren’t sorely disappointed.I’d like to open with a few things to keep in mind while reading through this and I’d appreciate and love all feedback and constructive criticisms so without further ado, let’s get some of the more general opening remarks out of the way as well as give a sort of mission statement/roadmap.This project, ambitious as it may seem now, is intended to be a rather long-term affair like slow burns such as A Special Hell, as opposed to the more instant gratification of my. The boy who wanted nothing to do with the womanwho gave him birth took a deep breath. The last thing he wanted to dowas to get into more trouble."How Could you?"Ron silently sat there. He knew that if he question the vague accusationthen he would just make matters worse for him. If he said nothing thenthere was no way his mom could add anything to his punishment."Fine you want to play it that way. You are going shopping with me foryour outfit tomorrow and here is why. You would not even acknowledge Vi.She wanted to talk to you, to stand up to you and you blew her off. Youare being put in that dress not only to learn a lesson, but to build herup again. That vile act you did destroy her confidence. You are going tolearn how that feels."Ron looked up and said, "If that is what you want Mother." Then he wentback to working on his project.After his mom left, the boy who felt betrayed by who used to be hisbiggest ally started to formulate a plan. Ron will face the unjustpunishment, but.


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