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” “Oh?” She nodded. “No good, far too straight. I don’t think she even knew I was coming on to her.” “I bet she did, she’s smart that one.” We were interrupted by the arrival of our supper and I hid in my room while Maz organised it with the delivery girl. I took my shorts off while I waited and fingered myself a little. When she’d gone I went back into the kitchen to find Maz putting everything in the oven to keep warm. She turned from the kitchen counter and looked straight into my eyes. Her finger went down to her fly-zip and she smiled. “You know what the Ghurkas say about their kukris don’t you?” I nodded. “Say it.” Her look was stern. “If you take it out you have to use it.” Her grin was the grin of a wolf spotting a lame goat. “Shall I?” “If you don’t I’ll kick you out.” “That’s earned you a spanked arse.” Slowly, deliberately, she lowered the zip and after a brief fumble extricated a yellow, fairly slender cock. I couldn’t help laughing. “Interesting colour!” “How many. "Do not feel you failed young student of Masuta Kimon. You continued the art as it should be. You followed his orders to the letter." The pilot stated, also bowing.Greeson shook his head no, "I am afraid of what master will do. He told me that: {I would say that I will see you in Ame, though the path I am on now, almost guarantees I will be sent to Jigoku.}"Both the pilot and Norman hissed when Greeson conveyed this. "Plus, I also fear that he loved her far more than he let on. Greeson said that Kimon was already in the beginning throes of the blood lust." Norman sadly stated."That is indeed a tragedy. After the test, Masuta Kimon was elevated to clan Masuta. There hasn't been one for a long time. Father was the last if I recall." The pilot replied. "Please, be seated while I contact council and clan leader Isamu Sakuta," here he turned toward Onai's body, "her father."It was a few moments before the holo-gram of the same older oriental man as from before appeared. "Rida," the pilot.


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