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I bow my head slightly as a sign of submission, and grin at you. Oh, how nice it would be to have a spontaneous interlude become reality. But I know, it’s only a fantasy. As I’m washing my hands, I sense butterflies in my belly. What is this? Am I a silly little teenager? I certainly feel like one! The door creeks as I know some business woman is on her way in to discreetly empty her bladder. Suddenly, I imagine some strange woman spread eagle on the toilet as that man in the lobby licks her into insanity. I feel my clit swelling at the thought of it. It would seem that I have sex on the brain! I carelessly glance to my right to see someone there, but that petite business woman it is not! It’s him! My heart jumps into my throat as I stumble for the paper towels. ‘Can I help you?’ I giggled. Surely, he thought he was entering the men’s room. ‘I believe you can.’ the stranger utters with the most sinister of smiles! And then it was as if it suddenly clicked into our brains, what we. “To confirm, I don’t want to do anything that we aren’t both comfortable with. Wait, that’s a double negative. I want to respect what you said yesterday after dinner. You don't want us to move too fast.” “True. You will not be entering any of my orifices any time soon. Except your mouth in my mouth.”“What a clinical way to describe kissing,” he chortled.I leaned into his ear. "I love enthusiastic consent." I touched my lips to his."So do I." The tip of his tongue tickled the corner of my mouth.I hooked my left knee over his right.Without breaking our oral connection, Kevin maneuvered my hips so that I could straddle him, allowing the zippers of our jeans to say hello. I surprised myself by starting a gentle grind on top of his crotch.I wrapped my arms around his shoulders for balance.He eased his palms from my waist to my back pockets. “Is this okay?”“Yes,” I panted, as I nipped at his neck.Our passion built gradually but steadily.My fingers found the bottom hem of his polo. “Is this.


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