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Some say hunters killed her, but I don't really know."I asked Eliza, "Do you think your ghost is related to the Finnertys? Maybe it is another child that no one knew about?"The old woman didn't pause to think about it, "No, there was a good while between when the girl showed up dead and people began seeing a ghost. At first, hunters thought there might be more than one, maybe even three, but no one knows. If there is more than one, I think they are all females."We stopped at the Kitchen for breakfast. Eliza introduced me to so many people that I would have had to be a genius to remember all of their names. A couple of the men asked if they could still hunt on the land, and one even said he'd show me some great fishing places in the valley.In town, I used my cell phone to call Byron. When I told him his aunt was going to be on her way, with a smile in his voice, he said, "Bring her on. I just knew you two would hit it off. Did you give her the amount I told her she needed?" Yes Sir,. I will be a virgin on my wedding night. Not that I’m in any hurry for that.”“I...”. I stopped myself.“What?”“I admit, I’ve been curious about a few things but especially after this police thing I really, really, really don’t want the impression I’m, you know, talking you up.”“Tell you what. You ask and I’ll know in advance you’re not hitting on me, all right?”“You’ll tell me if I make you uncomfortable?”“Oh, for sure!”In for a penny... “So, I got the impression you wanted to be more American from things the girls told me but here you seem totally on board with being a good Christian middle eastern whatever it is your family believes kind of girl.”She shrugged. “I can’t say I’ve always been of one mind. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to feel like an outsider and growing up ... well, it’s hard, right?”I nodded in agreement. “Right.”“So I’ve had what you might call moments of weakness but all this,” she waved around us, “with you and Lavi and Melissa and now Ji - it’s like we’re all on the.


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